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Ghajini- Script Analysis

Aamir Khan:
Aamir Khan is a sensational actor. He looks for different scripts in commercial format and doesjustice to his roles in the movies. He has been creating new image to himself with the roles that he has been doing. His roles in the movies have been different.
1. Though there is no aim for his character, there would be one goal by the end of the movie. Youth gets connected to this point.  Ex: Dil Chahta Hain, Rang de Basanti
2.  His character has a goal from the beginning of the movie. Everyone will get connected to these types of characters. Ex: Sarfarosh, Lagaan
3.   He is one among all and leads the pack. Universal character. Ex: 3 Idiots, Taare Zameen par
4.  Lover character in pure love stories. Ex: Ghajini

New concept +cute love story+revenge format= Ghajini

New concept: Hollywood concept Memento is indianized for this movie. The script is changed as per the tastes of Indian audiences. Screenplay is changed as per the script. Plus point is that the scenes are written very well.
Good cute love story:
Our policy is to put a love story though there is no scope for it. Movie will be a bigger hit if the love story is cute. Love story between Asin and Aamir Khan is really cute. That is the point that is well liked by all. There are repeat audience because of the love story.

Revenge format:
Hero has short term memory loss. How does he avenge the death of villain who killed his lover? That is the point that the audiences waited to see at the beginning of the story.
These are the three points that offered freshness to the script. Apart from that,Aamir Khan’s preparation for the role, his body and six-pack are the added bonuses that led audiences to the theatres.

Screen play Graph :    


Screenplay is good if there is no scope for lazy scenes in the middle and the flow of scenes is sensible and continuous. There will be interest among the audiences if there are twists in the straight narration. Audiences will be curious to know about what is going to happen next if the screenplay is written well. So, most important part of any movie after story is screenplay.

Discussing “Interesting point”:

The main character of Ghajini is Aamir Khan. His role is revealed by another important role of the movie, Jiah Khan in the role of a medico. The doubts that audiences get till that point of the story are asked through Jiah khan’s character. The audiences want to know about the guy in the flash back and what does he do now? 


Curiosity Play: When anybody has any health related problems, he either stays at home or is in the hospital. But when Aamir Khan is introduced, he is shown as roughing up a guy. After he kills that guy, he takes the photo of him and ticks him off. Why does he kill him? That is the question that raises the curiosity of the audiences.  Two of the most important characters are already introduced by this point in the film.

Introducing other important characters:
Someone is murdered. Police came to investigate the murder. A Police inspector comes into the scene and takes up the case. The murdered person belongs to Villain’s gang. Villain also comes to visit the spot. Police inspector gets a clue. 


Main Character’s past is introduced:
Aamir Khan’s role is let known to the audiences through the scene in an auto. After he gets down from Auto, he reaches his home, takes off his shirt and looks at his tattoos on his body. He tries to remember everything but he doesn’t remember anything. So, he feels bad about his situation. After seeing the situation of Aamir Khan, an average viewer will sympathize with the role. When the viewers gets to know that this is the story of a guy who has health problems, it further allows the viewers to sympathize with the role. So, he tends to travel with the role and will feel happy if that role succeeds in his mission.

Police Investigation-1:
Police Inspector found a small clue in the form of Bus ticket. He starts his investigation with a bus ticket. He wants to catch hold of Aamir khan but fails in catching him.

Establishing the relation between Main Character and supporting character:
Hero’s character in the movie has many weaknesses. So, he is going to need strong supporting characters that will travel with hero’s character. He founds ally in the form of Sunitha(Jiah Khan). When she meets Aamir Khan, she meets him and they take a photo together and asks him to write her name as Friend. The friendship between those characters is very important otherwise story of the movie would be stale. (Jiah Khan misunderstands Aamir Khan and she tries to harm him but later knows her mistake and starts helping him) .


Police Investigation-2:
Police Inspector visits the house of Aamir Khan. He hits Aamir Khan and ties him to a chair. He searches the house and finds a dairy. 

Opening of Flash back -1:
Drive 1: Aamir Khan is Sanjay Singhania. He is a very big business magnet. He owns a cell phone company. His company wants to plant a cell phone tower on the top of the house of Kalpana(Asin). When they come to talk to her regarding that issue, her advertising company misunderstand the situation. Kalpana takes advantage of the situation and weaves a love story between sanjay Singhania and her. She starts growing professionally. When a journalist comes for her interview, she tells to him about her alleged love affair. That comes in newspaper and a huge issue arises. 

Sensitive scene-1: When Sanjay hears about those rumors, he wants to warn Kalpana personally. On his way to visit Kalpana, he sees her helping disabled kids innovatively. A soft corner of sorts starts for him. When he sees that the girl he saw on the road is Kalpana, he will not be able to utter a single word against her. He introduces himself as Sachin to her. 

Drive 2: The relationship between Kalpana and Sachin is developed and their journey is shown. 

Sensitive scene 2: Kalpana helps a blind person on the road and tells him about what is happening on the road. Slowly and steadily, Sanjay develops love for Kalpana. Any drama needs a break. That break comes in the form of Kalpana calling Sanjay in place of Sanjay for a New Year party. When the party is over, Sanjay tells I love you to Kalpana. Kalpana answers that she will reply in a day.
Dairy is done.  (So, Audiences now know that Aamir Khan is Sanjay Singhania. They also know about his love story with Kalpana. But they don’t know what Kalpana is going to reply to him tomorrow. )
Flash back-1 End

Once Aamir Khan wakes up from his sleep, he kicks the police inspector. He wants to kill the inspector but his people from the company come to meet him. He talks with them.
After this scene, there is a function in the medical college. Villain is going to attend the event. So, Aamir Khan goes to meet the villain. Because of his health condition, he kills another person instead of villain. That person reveals half the story to villain and dies. Medical student Jiah khan visits Aamir khan in his house. When she sees that a police inspector is seized in his house, she misunderstand Aamir khan and frees Police inspector. Police Inspector dies. There, Jiah khan plays smartly to go away from Aamir khan. Cut.
Villain knows that someone is killing all his people but doesn’t know who that is. Jiah khan visits villain’s house and tells the whole story about Aamir Khan. So, villain now knows all about Aamir khan. That is when the audiences get afraid for Aamir Khan.


Aamir Khan goes to the house of Villain. Jiah Khan tells the address of her hostel to Aamir Khan. When Aamir Khan visits her in the hostel, she shuts him up in lift and informs the police. Police arrests Aamir khan and takes him to police station. 

Flash back-2 open
Jiah khan opens the dairy of Aamir khan. She reads his story. End of 2005 and starting of 2006.

Drive 3: Kalpana tells to Sanjay that she loves him too. She tells about her aim of buying ambassador cars. She shows the photos. Sanjay sees that Kalpana gets a flat as part of promotional strategy. Both of them enter into the flat together. 

Sensitive side-3:
Sanjay tells Kalpana that his mother is unwell. She sells her car and gives the money to him.
After that the pages of the dairy are empty. Jiah khan gets curious and asks around.
Flash back-2 ends

Villain sees Aamir khan in the police station. He thinks smart and cleanly wipes the walls on his house as he doesn’t remember anything. 

When Jiah Khan investigates as what happened to Kalpana and Sanjay, she finds out that when Kalpana was travelling from Goa, she saves many girls from human trafficking. That is the main business of the villain. So, he gets angry and tries to kill Kalpana. He wants to kill both Sanjay and Kalpana. Kalpana dies and Sanjay loses his memory and develops short term memory loss.
Jiah Khan knows her mistakes and wants to help Aamir khan. She tells everything to Aamir Khan. Aamir khan gives a warning to the villain. He directly goes to the villain and hits him badly.  He takes the help of Jiah Khan. 

Hero in Crisis:
When everyone thinks that hero almost won, villain cheats him smartly and changes the topic. Villain tries to kill him and stab him. But it is hero who stabs the villain and kill him. In the end, Aamir khan takes a gift from Jiah Khan (cement slab of his and Kalpana’s feet). He feels emotional and goes away.

Surya did action episodes wonderfully whereas Aamir Khan did the romantic episodes better. 

Three songs in AR Rahman’s music direction are good. Kaisi mujhe song is very good. Behka involves us with the soothing music. Hey Guzarish is wonderfully shot.
Cinematography by Ravi K Chandran is top notch.
Creative clue: we already saw this love track in Nagarjuna’s Murali Krishnudu. That is used well in this movie.
Asin helping disabled people scene is straight out from Amelie. These are some of the points that we know, don’t know how many points we missed and how many murugadoss knows. 

End topic:
Aamir Khan accepts the movie only when he thinks that it is going to entertain the audience. Our heroes agrees to movies in the perspective of fans. Fans are only 10% of any hero’s following or a little more than that. We somehow miss this point and release the movies that satisfy the fans. If the movies are made with good content, it will be a hit irrespective of the hero, heroine, banner and everything that is associated with the movie.

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